Friday, December 8, 2017

Episode #42: My First Visit To Krispy Kreme OR House + Cuddy = Disaster!

Y’all need to let Gregory House live. Sure he’s a terrible human being who has failed at many of his relationships and treats others as if they are infectious diseases. But the man is a genius. He also had a great TV show for most of his run until the last few seasons. But Lisa Cuddy is a topic for another day. I take YouTube to task for deleting the livestream of Episode #41, even though they keep insisting that I deleted the video. I think YouTube just didn’t want me railing on Lauer, Guthrie, and Kathie Lee anymore. Didn’t work, all three got more flames this episode. You can’t stop THE WORLD’S GREATEST PODCAST that easily! And I give myself a PSA that I need to stop drinking so excessively as I share a few embarrassing stories that resulted from too much alcohol. Before Jamie Foxx and T-Pain show up, I shout out a great show review and call it day. But technically, I just recapped the show backwards. I think Roger Goodell should donate his new contract tocharity.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Episode 15: Fantasy Football Playoffs?!

Week 14 in the NFL comes and Anthony and Gary have a lot to go over, starting with multiple suspensions being handed out, as well as one major injury.

The two then get into their normal groove, giving you their top plays this week at each position, sleeper picks and their potential bust of the week. Anthony also reminds all listeners of the disclaimer that both made since the podcast's inception.

After picking the over/under segment and ultimate stat projection, Gary shines in the trash talk segment, the segment tailor-made for him.

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

2017 Season/Episode 18

This week on Browns in Our Blood, hosts Anthony Sellers and Eric Jordan talk about the Cleveland Browns game last week versus the San Diego Chargers, the return of Josh Gordon, potential off season acquisitions, and the upcoming game versus the Green Bay Packers. They give an update on their public fantasy football league on FanDuel, which anyone is welcome to join. Join our FanDuel Friends League at Check out Anthony's podcast with Gary Wolfe called Fantasy Football Bosses at See ya next week!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Episode #41: I Ain't Gonna Stand For It

I had the worst time titling this episode. For some reason, my in-show note of “I Get It, I Get It” just didn’t feel proper. Within, I talk about how Melissa McBride deserves an Emmy despite The Walking Dead not being a really good show anymore. I talk a lot about my obsession with t-shirts and my pursuit of reaching Handsome Bane’s level. I got to dig around in the comic crates at New Dimension Comics in the Ohio Valley Mall. I mourn the possible end of Derrick Rose’s career. I give Mondays a little credit. And I recommend Hiro Beats’ “Shout Out To FaceTime”, Frasier, and the Better In The Dark podcast. But I also address the Matt Lauer situation. This specific topic is the reason I couldn’t give this episode a lackadaisical title. In it, I take Savannah Guthrie to task for the way she defended Lauer due to their relationship while barely giving credit to the victim(s) who came forward. I’ll let you listen to it but in the words of Stevland Hardaway Morris… I ain’t gonna stand for it. You ain’t right either Kathie Lee. Shout out to Hoda doe.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Episode 14: The Most Interesting Episode?!

After taking a one-week hiatus, the Fantasy Football Bosses Podcast returns, moving in full swing from the very beginning. Anthony unintentionally finds a favorite word of the week (interesting?! really?!), and Gary renews his fantasy verbal feud with Eric. Will the two collide in the playoffs of one their season-long leagues? Anthony can only hope!

As far as actual football goes, Anthony and Gary provide insight into their top plays of the week at each position, tell you who they have as sleeper picks and provide their potential player busts for the week.

The over/under segment is brought back as well as the ultimate stat projection, where Anthony stabs at Carson Wentz statline this week, while Gary sets his projection for Jordan Howard.

As always, the two end the show with the trash talk portion, where Gary just wants to know, where is the love?

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

2017 Season/Episode 17: Josh Is Back!

Only the return of Josh Gordon can excite a 0-11 fan base of the Cleveland Browns. On this week's episode, hosts Anthony Sellers, Eric Jordan, and moderator Kelen Conley recap last week's game against the Cincinnati Bengals, discuss draft possibilities, problems with the run defense, and the return of Josh Gordon.
They also go over the current standings of their FanDuel friends league, which is open to the public.

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Friday, November 24, 2017

Episode #40: Late To The Party

Hyphen Nation turns 40! And it only took less than two years! In this episode! Stranger Things 2! Last Man On Earth! The continuing adventures of Deadpool and Jessica Jones! Laziness and the battle to drag myself to the movies! An apology to the hosts of the morning show on Morgan 92.1! Singing! Get to listening to THE WORLD'S GREATEST PODCAST! Maybe I need to binge watch Frasier!